How to Adjust a Casio Watch Band

Updated March 23, 2017

Whether you just purchased your Casio watch or you have had it for years, its highly likely that the band will need some adjustments sooner or later. Adjusting the watch band will allow you to customise the watch to fit to your wrist size and your preferred style. Whatever the reason is, you can adjust the band on your Casio as many times as you want, to fit a wide variety of wrists and styles, by changing the links of the watch band.

Position the watch to be adjusted. Place the watch face up on a flat surface. Position the band above the face of the watch.

Remove the pin. Squeeze both ends of the pin so that it contracts and allows you to remove the clasp. The pin is located on the end of the clasp. Now that you have removed the pin, the band will be a continuous section of links as opposed to the circular band it once was.

Measure the length of the watch. Put the watch around your wrist to measure the amount of links that must be removed to make the watch fit you.

Remove the links. Put the watch face up on a flat surface. Grab the band at the point where the links need to be removed between your thumb and forefinger. Use your other hand to hold the band secure on the table by applying pressure at the point where your thumb and forefinger are with a flathead screwdriver. Let go of the band with your thumb and forefinger, and grab a small (1mm) flathead screw driver with that hand. Press the inside clip of the link with the small screwdriver.

Remove the protruding piece of metal from the space where you removed the link. Secure the watch on a flat surface by holding it tightly with your hand. Use needle-nose pliers to pull the metal piece out of the band.

Replace the pin. Use your fingers to squeeze the pin and then put it back into the clasp returnign the watch to its original circular form.

Things You'll Need

  • 1mm flathead screwdriver
  • Flathead normal-sized screwdriver
  • Needle-nosed pliers
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