How to Troubleshoot a Vizio Television

Updated February 21, 2017

The Vizio line of high-definition TVs includes both LCD and plasma sets with modest features at a reasonable price. Although these high-definition sets are far from being classified as "cheap," occasionally problems may occur. Troubleshooting your Vizio TV is a simple process.

Ensure that the television is plugged in and there is power flowing to the TV when it is turned on. Depending on the model, you should see a light on the corner of the set or behind a "Vizio" logo. If you do not see the light come on, check the power cord and try a different outlet. If the power still isn't working, you may have a blown fuse and will need to have your television serviced.

Check image settings. If the screen appears to lack contrast or is a bluish or greenish hue, your settings may need modifying. Use the remote that came with your Vizio TV to access the "Settings" menu. Then slide the "Contrast" "Brightness" and "Color" bars to the middle or "default" position.

Look for loose cords. Vizio TVs have multiple inputs, including component, cable, composite, HDMI and S-video ports. Make sure each of your peripheral devices (including game consoles, cable boxes and DVD players) are connected to the right peripheral.

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