How to Resolve Paper Jams in an Oki B4600 Printer

Updated February 21, 2017

The Oki B4600 printer works well under most conditions, but may occasionally experience a paper jam that prevents a document from printing. Paper jams can occurs at the paper input location on the bottom of the printer, in the paper feed or paper exit location. To return the printer to normal working order, remove the paper that is causing the jam.

Pull the paper tray out of the printer.

Take any wrinkled or crumpled paper out of the paper tray.

Check the feed area on the bottom of the printer and pull out any paper caught in the feed area.

Place the paper tray back in the printer.

Open the top cover of the printer and pull the image drum out of the printer. The toner cartridge is removed when you lift the image drum out.

Pull out any jammed pieces of paper, taking care to remove all of the paper. If any of the paper is left in the printer, it may cause another jam.

Slide the image drum back into the printer, taking care to slide the tabs into the printer slots.

Close the top cover to resume printing.

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