How to attach drapery cord tassels

Drapery cord tassels have a variety of uses in home decorating. You might attach them to window treatments in different ways, or you can also use them as pulls for operating light fixtures. Most tassels have cording that extends from the tassels to use to attach drapery cord tassels to various locations around your home. Some cording is in loops, which makes attaching the tassels even easier. When you finish adding the tassels, your home will have a new elegance.

Thread the needle through the cording (may be one or two strands) on the top of the tassel. Insert the needle up through the edge of a curtain valance at the centre point, take a half-inch long stitch, and insert the needle back down through the edge again. Tie the cording in a simple knot to attach the tassel and trim the excess cording off. Alternatively, insert the needle through the edge of a lampshade and tie tassels along the bottom edge.

Insert the cording through the end of a light fixture or ceiling fan pull. Tie the cording in a knot, and use the tassel as a pull to operate the light or ceiling fan.

Stitch the tassel to a drapery tieback to embellish your draperies. Insert the needle through the centre of the tiebacks from the wrong side, take a half-inch stitch, and insert the needle back through to the wrong side. Tie the cording in a knot to secure the tassel.

Hang tassels with cording loops in a variety of places. Simply hook the loop over a curtain rod, a finial, over a drawer or cupboard pull, or anywhere you can hook the loop to add decoration and interest to your home.

Things You'll Need

  • Drapery tassels
  • Large needle
  • Scissors
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