How to Clean Python Handbags

Python handbags are the ultimate in luxury. Extremely expensive, rare and delicate, a genuine python bag is certainly a status symbol. The sensitive nature of the materials requires you take good care of the bag, since it will shed scales and can become dry with use. Caring for your python handbag properly allows you protect your investment and enjoy your bag for years to come.

Empty the contents from the bag so it can be laid flat.

Wipe the outside of the bag with a soft piece of cotton. Do not use any type of cleaning product because this can deteriorate the material. Always wipe in the direction of the scales; wiping in the opposite direction can seriously damage the bag.

Allow the bag to dry naturally if it gets wet. A hair dryer is much too hot for a python bag, and will cause it to dry out and crack. A towel is much too rough to use. Just hang up the bag and allow to dry.

Wet a cotton swab to clean dirt underneath the scales. Gently clean under each individual scale, being careful not to lift the scale any more than necessary. Allow to air dry. Use a cotton swab to clean any hardware.

Keep your python bag in a cool, dry place to preserve its style and texture. Heat and the sun can dry out the scales and cause them to fall out faster.

Smooth an exotic skin conditioner on the surface of the handbag, rubbing in the direction of the scales. Make sure you use a conditioner made specifically for exotic skins, otherwise it may not be gentle enough to preserve the python skin.

Things You'll Need

  • Cotton swabs
  • Exotic skin conditioner
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