Shemagh Wrap Instructions

Updated February 21, 2017

Shemaghs are a type of headdress worn by men in many Arabic countries. The shemagh begins as a scarf, which then gets wrapped around the head. A portion of the scarf usually hangs to the side which allows men to cover their nose and mouth during heavy winds or sand and dust storms. In the West, shemaghs commonly are worn as an inexpensive mask to keep the face and head warm during cold weather.

Fold the shemagh in half to form a triangle. Place the closed seam of the triangle against your forehead and shift it so that 2/3 of the material sits on your left side. Drape the shemagh over the top and back of your head.

Pinch the shemagh about 3 inches back from the folded edge with your left hand. Hold the edge near your left cheekbone and use your right hand to pull the remainder of the fabric hanging on your left side across your face, covering your nose.

Wrap the shemagh around your head until you can grasp the end with your left hand over your left shoulder. Grasp the right end of the shemagh with your right hand and pull the two ends tightly until the shemagh is comfortable on your face.

Pull the remainder of the left end of the shemagh over your head so that it meets the right end near your right temple. Tie the two ends together in a tight square knot to secure the shemagh in its comfortable place.


When tied correctly, the shemagh should cover your entire face and head except for your eyes.

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