Homemade Clay Slab Roller

Updated April 17, 2017

You can use clay slabs as the basis for many ceramics projects. A slab roller is a device that allows you to roll clay slabs evenly. Create a clay slab roller yourself using simple materials.


A clay slab roller consists of a firm base on which the clay is placed, a frame that stops the clay from being pressed out of the sides of the device, a board that rests on top of the clay and presses it flat, and a roller. A feed handle turns the roller and feeds the clay through the machine.


You can obtain the materials you need from any hardware store. Use plywood for the boards, and steel pipe for the roller. Make the frame from wood or metal. Hardboard sheets are useful for adjusting the thickness of your clay slab.


A clay slab roller may work in only one direction, or it may be bidirectional. A bidirectional roller may be a little harder to construct, but it saves you from having to reposition the clay after every pass.

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