How to prevent rhodium discoloration

Updated February 21, 2017

Rhodium is a metal that is applied as a protective plating for silver, platinum and white gold jewellery. It will not tarnish, and it helps resist scratches and preserve the colour of the underlying metal. Sometimes, you may notice discolouration on rhodium-coated pieces of jewellery that are worn often, such as wedding bands. This means that the rhodium coating is wearing off and needs to be replaced. Every rhodium coating will need replacing eventually, but you can take certain precautions to prevent early discolouration of your rhodium-coated jewellery.

Take off your jewellery first thing before you go to bed. This includes wedding bands. (Just don't forget to put them back on in the morning!) When you take off the jewellery, wipe it down with a lint-free cloth.

Remove your jewellery before going into the shower, swimming pools, lakes, rivers, oceans, saunas or anywhere else where chemical reactions or dirty water can affect the metal. This will cause the rhodium coating to come off quicker.

Take your rhodium-coated jewellery in for a professional cleaning once a year to help repair and possibly reverse any chemical damage that has been done.

Refinish your jewellery professionally every five years to give it a brand new look.


If a jewellery cleaning cloth didn't come with your jewellery, you can purchase one from any store where jewellery is sold. You can use glasses-cleaning cloths as a backup.


Never clean your rhodium or rhodium-plated jewellery with silver polish or silver cleaner, as it will severely damage the rhodium and cause the metal to become discoloured.

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