How to Know a Fake Omega Seamaster

Updated November 21, 2016

Omega's Seamaster watch collection has been made famous by appearances in James Bond movies. The watches are copied often. If you are considering buying a Seamaster, make sure it is authentic before making your purchase.

Find the Omega trademark on the watch. Authentic Omega Seamaster's will have a trademark.

Study the logo and the spelling of the brand name. If there are misspellings or the logo doesn't match Omega's logo, the watch is a fake. Compare the logo by visiting Omega's website.

Compare the colour of the watch to that of a real Omega. Notice if the marks on the minute dial are painted. The real watch's marks are painted.

Visit the Omega website and get the dimensions for the Seamaster watch you are inspecting. Make sure the dimensions match.

Open the back of the watch and locate the identification numbers. If they have been scratched off, the watch may have been stolen or some part of the watch is not authentic.

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