How to Adjust a Charles Dumont Watch Band

Charles Dumont of Paris manufacturers fashionable, water-resistant wrist watches for both men and women. Like many watch manufacturers, Charles Dumont sizes its watch bands a few links too big for most wearers, which allows watch to adjust their bands to a perfect fit. You can have your watch band adjusted by a professional, or you can save up to £19 by performing the adjustment yourself. Adjusting your Charles Dumont watch band is a quick and simple way to have the custom-fitted watch you've always wanted.

Choose a calm, quiet room where you can perform the watch band adjustment on your Charles Dumont watch without being disturbed. Make sure the area provides adequate light to illuminate the small watch band pieces. Perform your watch band adjustment on a clean, flat surface like a desk or table. Pad your work surface with a piece of craft felt or 12-inch by 12-inch square of quilt batting to protect the face of your watch from scratches or scuffs.

Place your Charles Dumont watch facedown on your surface. Inspect the back of the watch band to find the small arrows that mark the band's removable links.

Remove the clasp pieces from your watch band. Look between the clasp pieces and their neighbouring links to spot the metal pins that hold the clasp pieces to the watch band. Free the clasp pieces by using a watch pin removal tool to push out the metal pins in the direction shown by the arrows. Set the clasp pieces and metal pins aside.

Remove a link from your Charles Dumont watch band by pushing out the metal pin that joins that link to the rest of the watch band as described in Step 3. Repeat this process to remove additional links from your watch band as needed.

Rejoin the clasp pieces to the ends of your Charles Dumont watch band. Fit the clasp piece to the end of the watch band and replace the metal pin to hold it together.


If you are adjusting your Charles Dumont watch band by a single link, it is only necessary to remove the clasp piece from one side of the band.


If adjusting your watch band is more difficult than you anticipated, most jewellers will adjust your band for a nominal fee.

Things You'll Need

  • Craft felt or piece of quilt batting
  • Watch pin removal tool
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