How to Convert a Bath Faucet to a Shower

You may find it necessary at some point to convert a bathtub faucet into a shower. This can be due to your bathroom not actually having a shower, or you want to bathe your dog in the bathtub but using the faucet just simply isn't cutting it. Luckily there is a fairly straightforward approach to converting your bath faucet to a shower.

Insert the rubber faucet to shower converter around the bathtub faucet. The rubber top of the converter can fit and expand around almost any faucet size.

Turn on the faucet and water is going to flow out of the faucet to the shower converter. You can adjust the temperature of the water the same way you normally would when using the bathtub.

Adjust water flow of the shower converter by pressing the button on the side of the device (not available on all models). Pressing the button can increase the water pressure while centralizing the water stream, or you can revert back to the water flow that covers more space but doesn't have as powerful a flow.

Turn off the water to the bathtub faucet to stop the flow of water. If you are done with the shower you can pull the converter off and the tub can be used as normal.

Things You'll Need

  • Faucet to shower converter
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