How to answer diversity questions in an interview

Updated February 21, 2017

In order to effectively answer diversity interview questions, you must first understand the diversity vision of the company at which you are applying. Companies commonly want to build an environment that maximises the talent of a diverse employee base in order to properly serve the multicultural communities in which they do business.

Read the company diversity statement. You will find this statement usually in the 'About Us' section of the company's website. Alternatively, the statement may be located in the in the 'Career' section of the website.

Determine how you can contribute to the company's mission in diversity. Practice explaining how your past career experiences relate to the company's diversity mission. If no specific examples exist, think abstractly about how your values coincide with the company's overall mission of diversity.

Prepare yourself for challenging questions regarding diversity that ask you to place yourself in a hostile setting with a fellow co-worker and resolve the issue. Again, focus on values and striving toward effective communication, rather than proving another person wrong. Conflict resolution questions require interviewees to address their communication skills.

Research sample diversity questions online and think critically about your answers. Avoid embellishing to make an answer sound politically correct. Answer with sincerity so that you appear comfortable and in control in your interview, demonstrating your ability to communicate under pressure when asked to address difficult issues.


Practice answering sample diversity interview questions with a friend or family member until you can clearly articulate each answer.


If you do not have an answer for an interview question, be honest and let the interviewer know that it is not applicable to your previous work experience. Answer the question hypothetically instead.

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