How to make an air filled balloon arch with fishing line

Updated November 21, 2016

Balloon arches are a simple, inexpensive way to decorate for a party, school dance, reception or other event. Colourful balloon arches require little skill to assemble, making them a perfect craft for less than savvy crafters. Air filled balloons tend to require more preparation and support than balloons filled with helium, however air filled balloons tend to last much longer. According to the Balloons Galore website, helium arches only last six to 12 hours, while air filled balloons may last for days.

Determine the desired size for a balloon arch by measuring the space where the balloon arch will be displayed. Measuring the height and width of the space helps crafters determine which length of aluminium rod to purchase. For an arch that is approximately the same height and width, multiply the desired height by 1.5 and add this number to the desired width. This sum is equal to the length of aluminium rod to purchase, according to the Steps to Memories website.

Follow the guidelines provided by the Steps to Memories website to determine the number of balloons necessary to completely cover the arch. Use eight balloons nine inches in diameter to cover one foot of the arch.

Blow up balloons using an air pump, which helps save time and energy. In order to create balloons of equal size, draw a circle of the desired diameter on a piece of cardboard. Cut out the hole and pass each balloon through the cardboard ring.

Lay the aluminium rod on to the floor and begin to tie balloons securely on the frame. After filling the balloons with air, tie a knot in the balloon. Secure fishing line just above the knot and tie the fishing line to the aluminium rod.

Using the aid of a friend or co-worker, bend the rod into an arch shape. Ensure the balloons are evenly spaced along the rod and make any necessary adjustments.

Assemble concrete blocks or balloon weights the appropriate distance apart. Complete this step in the location where the balloon arch will be displayed, for best results. Place the aluminium rod into the holes available in the blocks or weights. Further secure the rod to its base by tying fishing line around the weight and the frame.


Provide additional support for the balloon arch by using a wall or securing it to the ceiling with fishing line. Consult with the professionals at a party supply store to determine the best weights for a freestanding arch with an aluminium frame. Consider using tables, chairs or other furniture as a creative way to anchor the balloon arch.


Correct placement of balloons on the arch may take some time. Be prepared to practice a few times. Purchase extra balloons in case of damage.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Aluminium rod
  • Balloons of various colours, 9 inches in diameter.
  • Air pump
  • Cardboard
  • Marker
  • Scissors
  • Fishing Line
  • Concrete blocks or large balloon weights
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