Crafts with recycled wooden pallets

Updated July 20, 2017

Recycled wooden pallets are often used to create small inexpensive crafts. A larger project such as fencing might be created by using wooden pallets as well. Pallets are generally chemically treated for rot resistance. Err on the side of caution. Wear masks when cutting the pallets and use the wood for crafts that will remain outdoors. Store dismantled pallets in a dry place.


Build birdhouses from recycled wooden pallets. Birdhouses help attract birds to the landscape. Birdhouses add aesthetic value to the garden. Uniquely made and decorated birdhouses put up for sale add to one's income.

Children's artwork

Recycled wooden pallets, rather dismantled or left whole, make a base for creative artwork and découpage. Children enjoy unique forms of artwork such as painting hieroglyphics on wooden pallets.

Garden signs

One possible project made from recycled wooden pallets is garden signs. Garden signs add folksy appeal to the garden area. Painting plant names, family surname, poems or simple expressions on individual wooden pallet slats, cut to desired length and mounted on posts, accessorises the garden in a unique way. Treating the garden signage with polyurethane ensures durability.


Build an economical fence from recycled wooden pallets. Fencing adds value to the landscape. Fencing also helps protect plants from harsh winds and winter cold. Sturdy fencing creates a barrier between the landscape and the roadway.

Pirate ship

Drawing the outline of a ship's deck on several recycled wooden pallets secured together, then cutting along the line creates the base for an inexpensive pirate ship. Faux masts and canvas formed into sails and more pallets cut for railings adds authenticity to the makeshift pirate ship.

Plant base

Recycled wooden pallets cut in half with casters added to the base make sensible and movable bases for large plants.


What child does not want a fort or playhouse? Recycled wooden pallets, secured together with screws and framed into walls make a fine fort or playhouse for any child. A canvas cover or large painter's dust sheet creates a practical roof for the wooden pallet playhouse.

Temporary beach party decking

Construct a temporary path for a summer beach party by laying recycled wooden pallets out one-by-one. Often built for pedestrians to meander through coastal dunes at beach resorts, boardwalks create a sense of serenity in the landscape.


Create a simple trellis by attaching recycled wooden pallets together and mounting on posts or an exterior wall. A trellis creates a focal point in the garden. Trellises work well in the vegetable garden for climbing plants. Climbing roses or vines, such as clematis, would look well on a recycled wooden pallet trellis.

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