How to Decorate a Two Bedroom Bungalow

Updated March 23, 2017

Bungalow-style homes tend toward small, single-story floor plans. Some bungalows have design features such as wide porches, attic bedroom conversions with dormer ceilings and built-in bookcases and shelves. Decorating a two-bedroom bungalow demands designing and arranging the interiors with an eye toward small space solutions while highlighting the interiors' special design elements.

Clear out your space. A two-bedroom bungalow does not have room for unnecessary pieces of furniture or bulky pieces that block the flow of natural light. If you cannot bear to let go of some of your larger furniture, move the pieces to corners, away from windows and doors. Create areas for collecting and hiding clutter, such as a long table with lidded baskets in the entryway for holding mail, magazines and bills.

Consider new paints and finishes. Many people stay with white or cream in traditional bungalow decor, keeping the look light and monochromatic. However, new neutrals can help brighten the interior. Try a rosy grey, rather than a stone grey, to warm up a dark room. If your rooms receive a good amount of natural light, stick to cool tones such as cornflower blue, blue-based white, green and lavender, which give the illusion of more volume as they make walls appear to recede.

Select furniture that keeps spaces open and flowing in your bungalow interior. Low, modular furnishings with lightweight, angular frames have a mid-century modern aesthetic fitting for most bungalows. Natural materials such as wood, bamboo, sisal, paper, stone and brick keep the look simple and streamlined.

Invest in storage containers for organising and hiding belongings. On open shelving in the kitchen, dining area or living room, matching containers keep the focus on the surroundings rather than the storage. Tuck large wicker baskets under tables or cabinets or in corners. Cardboard magazine files on bookshelves may hold magazines, work papers or file folders. Small decorative canisters or jars sort odds and ends in the bedroom and bathroom.

Soften surfaces with bright and patterned textiles. With a relatively neutral colour scheme, you can afford to bring in some colour with your accessories. Printed cotton cafe curtains provide a pop of colour while allowing light to filter inside. Modular carpet tiles, bamboo runners or throw rugs set apart spaces in open floor plans. Throw pillows and floor cushions may feature a variety of patterns that share a common background colour.


Personalise your bungalow decor with framed paintings and photographs on the fireplace mantel or stacked vertically on a narrow wall.


Avoid overhead fluorescent lighting in your bungalow. Instead, place table and floor lamps in key areas to provide task and ambient lighting.

Things You'll Need

  • Paint
  • Modular, small-scale furniture
  • Throw pillows
  • Table and floor lamps
  • Framed art
  • Matching storage containers
  • Wicker baskets
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