How to Lace a Corset on a Wedding Dress

Updated April 17, 2017

Corsets are bustling attire often worn by women in the 18th century. Corsets have made a comeback in current fashion and are seen in many wedding dresses. Lacing and tying a corset requires a bit of patience and practice, as it is more intricate than simply zipping a zipper. A properly laced corset boosts a woman's bust, straightens her posture and adds a beautiful detail to her wedding attire.

Instruct the bride to step into the dress and hold the bustline up so the dress is lifted to the correct position for alignment.

Attach one side of the included fabric panel behind the lacing area. Attach with sewn-on Velcro strips, snaps or safety pins.

Insert one end of the lace into the top right hole. Pull the lace through so it is halfway on either side. Take the end you started with and insert it in the top left hole. Pull the lace through and cross over to the second loop on the right side. Poke the lace through and pull it back under to cross over again. Take the right end and cross it over to the second loop on the left side. Poke it through the hole and pull it back under to cross over again.

Continue crossing the lace ends as you poke through the holes, weaving downward. If there is a fabric panel attach the other side to the inside of the dress.

Pull the ends tight so the dress tightens around the bride's body. Be sure not to pull too tight though, as it will cause the fabric to crease and create ripples in the bride's back. Tie the ends of the lace in a tight knot and tuck them into the dress to hide.

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