How to Convert a VTS File to MPEG

Updated February 21, 2017

VTS files are video files found on DVDs. The file format that video files are in when they are found on DVD videodiscs typically cannot just be copied directly to your computer hard drive. You must first convert the video file from the DVD to another file format and then play it on your computer or portable device. There are a variety of programs available to convert DVD VTS video files to the MPEG file format.

Download and install a DVD-to-file conversion program. Handbrake (see Resources) is one of the many reliable free examples of this type of program. Xilisoft makes a program called Xilisoft DVD Converter (see Resources), but it is an example of a program that will cost you money to purchase.

Open the DVD-to-file conversion program you downloaded in Step 1.

Put the DVD that contains the video files you want to convert in your computer's DVD burner. Close the disc tray.

Click the "Source" button in your DVD-to-file conversion program. Then, click on the icon that you see in the conversion program window that represents the DVD you placed in your computer's DVD drive. This will tell the program that the disc contains files you want to convert.

Check the boxes next to the video files that you want to convert. Do this using the list of video files in the main DVD-to-file conversion program window. You can choose to copy all video files or just a select few.

Specify "MPEG" using the "Output File Type" menu listing.

Click the "Start" button. Certain programs will call this either the "Rip" or "Convert" button. The program will scan your disc and convert the selected files to the specified file format.

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