How to Replace the Fuel Filter for a 1994 Chrysler Concord

Updated March 23, 2017

The fuel filter replacement process on the 1994 Chrysler Concord is very easy once you know where to start. The fuel filter on the 1994 Chrysler Concord is the most important part in the fuel cleaning process. The internal filter inside of the fuel filter housing traps the sediments from the fuel before the fuel gets to the engine. You can replace the fuel filter on the 1994 Chrysler Concord in less than an hour.

Park the car on a level surface. Then unscrew the gas cap from the gas tank to relieve the fuel pressure from the fuel filter.

Jack the rear of the car up, and place the jack stands under the rear axle. Make sure that the jack stands are even and secure under the rear axle. Lower the car onto the jack stands. Leave the jack under the car for extra safety.

Locate the fuel filter on the passenger side. The fuel filter on the 1994 Chrysler Concord is located underneath the car, inside of the frame rail on the passenger side of the car. The fuel filter will be almost directly in front of the right rear tire.

Slide the catch pan underneath the fuel filter to catch the small amount of excess fuel. Remove the fuel lines from the fuel filter. The fuel lines on the 1994 Chrysler Concord are attached to the fuel filter with plastic clips. Squeeze the plastic clips together where the fuel line meets the fuel filter, and pull back on the fuel line. When you squeeze the plastic clips together, it will cause the fuel line to unlock from the fuel filter port. Then just pull the fuel line off of the fuel filter port.

Slide the fuel filter out of the bracket, and discard the fuel filter into the fluid catch pan. Then slide the new fuel filter into the bracket with the flow arrow on the fuel filter facing the engine.

Push the fuel lines onto the fuel filter ports until you feel the fuel lines lock in place. Then gently pull back on the fuel lines to ensure that they are locked onto the fuel filter ports. Drag the fluid catch pan out from under the car.

Screw the gas cap back onto the gas tank. Then turn the ignition key on and off 3 different times to prime the fuel filter with fuel. Now crank the engine.

Inspect the fuel filter and fuel lines for leaks while the engine is running. Turn the engine off. Jack the car back up off of the jack stands. Remove the jack stands out from under the rear axle. Lower the car back to the ground.


The flow arrow on the new fuel filter must be pointing towards the engine and away from the gas tank. The fuel filter on the 1994 Chrysler Concord is a Hastings-HAGF285.


Always wear safety glasses when working around fuel.

Things You'll Need

  • Car jack
  • Jack stands
  • Fluid catch pan
  • New fuel filter
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