How to calculate the cost for a 28 x 60 basement foundation

Updated February 21, 2017

You can save a lot of money by performing simple construction duties yourself when building or remodelling your home. Pouring a basement foundation is one of these tasks that you can realistically accomplish yourself. Before you tackle this project, however, it is important to know the approximate cost of your foundation. You can subtract this from any quotes you receive and know the cost of labour so that you can ensure that what you will be saving is worth the effort of your doing the work yourself.

Multiply 28 by 60 to get 1,680. This is the total surface area in square feet.

Multiply 1,680 by .33, since the average foundation is 4 inches --or .33 feet-- thick. Write down this number, 554.4, which is the total pouring area in cubic feet.

Divide 554.4 by 3 to get 184.8, which is the total pouring area in cubic yards.

Multiply the total cubic yardage, 184.8, by 75. The average cost for 1 cubic yard of concrete is £48. Therefore, the average cost of cement for a 28 x 60 basement foundation is £9,009.

Multiply 184.8 by 12. The gravel or sand that you will use as a subbase costs an average of £7 per cubic yard, or £1,441.40 for a 28 x 60 foundation.

Add together the numbers from steps 4 and 5 to get £10,450.40. Add to this number the cost of renting a backhoe to grade the area where you will pour the foundation, the cost of lumber and nails for your pouring form, and the cost of reinforcing pegs. These costs will vary based upon your area and the type of wood that you choose. Once you have added all of these numbers together, you will have the cost of constructing a 28 x 60 basement foundation.

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