How to Reset an Epson Ink Cartridge

Updated February 21, 2017

An ink cartridge is a widely available device that is used in many home printers. When consumers choose to refill their empty cartridges from home with the use of an ink jet refill kit, they run into the problem of the printer not recognising the refilled cartridge. You can, however, perform a few easy actions to reset the cartridge and allow your printer to recognise that it is full.

Download the Epson reset program from the web page under "References" on this page.

Turn on your printer and install the Epson cartridge.

Right-click on the Epson reset application icon in your system tray. The tray is on the bottom-right side of the computer screen and the Epson application icon is a coloured pie chart.

Select "Show Main Window" from the pop-up menu.

Select the "Resetter" tab in the open Epson Reset application and click "Reset Cartridges."

Turn your printer off and then back. The levels will now indicate the current ink levels of your cartridges.

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