How to Care for a Burberry Raincoat

Founded in Basingstoke, England, in 1856, Burberry is a luxury clothing manufacturer whose products are popular worldwide. Stylish, classic and long-lasting, the Burberry raincoat has gained a reputation as one of Burberry's most popular offerings. Besides being a stunning addition to your wardrobe, a Burberry raincoat represents a substantial investment on your part. Learning how to properly care for your Burberry raincoat can help keep your coat looking as attractive as the day you purchased it.

Consider having your Burberry raincoat treated with a rain and stain repellent before use. Have your dry cleaner weatherproof your raincoat or, if you're feeling brave, weatherproof your raincoat at home. Select a rain and stain repellent that is specially formulated for the type of material your Burberry raincoat is made of. Apply the rain and stain repellent carefully and according to the directions on the package.

Have your Burberry raincoat dry cleaned if it is dirty. Make sure to use a reputable dry cleaner to avoid having your valuable raincoat damaged.

Clean everyday dirt and grime from your Burberry raincoat after each use. Brush off any visible dust or dirt and use a lint roller to remove any stray hairs, pet hair or dander. Regular, light cleanings will keep your coat looking its best between dry cleanings.

Hang your Burberry raincoat on a hanger, rather than a coat hook, after each use. This helps your raincoat to keep its shape and avoid stretched-out-looking shoulders.

Store your Burberry raincoat carefully when not in use. Have your raincoat dry cleaned before storing it away so that it will be nice and clean when you take it out of storage. For best results, store your Burberry raincoat in its dry cleaning bag. Fold up the bottom of the plastic dry cleaning bag and tape it securely with duct tape. Store your raincoat in a temperature-controlled area of your home that is out of direct sunlight.


Air out your Burberry raincoat if it smells musty after a long period of disuse. Hang the coat in a well-ventilated area and stuff scented dryer sheets in its pockets to promote a pleasant smell. Allow the raincoat to air out at least 24 hours before use.


Never attempt to wash your Burberry raincoat in your washing machine unless the care instruction tag on your coat specifies otherwise.

Things You'll Need

  • Rain and stain repellent
  • Lint roller
  • Hanger
  • Plastic dry cleaning bag
  • Duct tape
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