How to Take Apart a Schlage Door Lock

Updated April 17, 2017

Schlage door locks can enhance the security of your home as well as provide aesthetic appeal to every room of your home. Door locks can be removed and replaced in a few easy steps with tools that you already have in your toolbox. Consider removing your Schlage locks if you have recently purchased a new home and need to re-key them, or simply wish to redecorate your home with new door hardware.

Position yourself so that you have access to the interior side of the door. Leave the door partially open so that you can access the other side of the door as well. From this position, you should be able to see the mounting screws on both the doorknob and on the deadbolt assembly.

Unscrew the two mounting screws from the internal chassis of the doorknob with your Phillips screwdriver. Remove the two screws from the internal side of the deadbolt assembly as well.

Grasp the internal chassis of the doorknob with one hand and the external chassis with your other hand. Pull the two halves apart to separate from the door. Set the two halves aside. Separate the deadbolt assembly the same way.

Open the door so that you are facing the side edge. Locate the latch assemblies for the knob and the deadbolt. Using your screwdriver, remove the two screws that hold each latch in place. Slide the latches out of the edge of the door and set them aside with the doorknob and deadbolt halves. Place all parts and screws together in a bucket or other container.


Consider donating your old door locks to Habitat for Humanity. The Restore program is designed to help provide discounted and reusable building materials for those in need.

Things You'll Need

  • Schlage door lock
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Bucket
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