How to Create Miniature Villages

Updated April 17, 2017

Making a miniature village is a creative project for kids and adults alike. Using a few simple materials found around the house, you can make the village as detailed as you would like and even include a miniature train set running through it. Create a standard village or create one that has a theme, such as a Christmas village or a Main Street USA vintage village. The options are limitless.

Choose a size and location for your miniature village. A good choice is to create a miniature village inside of a large box (the size that would hold a television or other large appliance). With a box cutter, cut away the top of the box and three of the sides, so you are left with a bottom base and one side intact. The bottom gives you a base to work with, and the one remaining side can be painted to create a backdrop. If you wanted to create more of a village display, leave three sides intact and cut only one side away. This creates a theatre-like vignette.

Decorate the backdrop of your stage and inside base with markers or paints to reflect your theme. For instance, draw a blue sky on the backdrop and colour in asphalt streets and sidewalks on the inside base for a city theme.

Accumulate plenty of cardboard boxes in various sizes. Most cardboard boxes can be found in kitchen cabinets housing food such as cereal and snacks. Also collect small boxes, such as jewellery boxes and toilet paper rolls.

Tape the top of the box together. Each box will signify something in your village. For instance, a cereal box could be a high-rise apartment building, and a smaller snack box could be a house. Tiny jewellery boxes can serve as dog houses or mailboxes. Use your imagination to dream up additional uses for your boxes. Decorate the cardboard boxes you've accumulated with paints or coloured papers reflecting the purpose of the building or structure.

Glue the bottom of the boxes onto the inside base of the large cardboard box that is serving as the stage for your village. Continue to glue each house or building after you've decorated it.

Create trees lining your streets using toilet paper rolls as trunks, and cut out green paper for the tops.

Insert miniature items into your village, such as small toy cars, pets and people.

Things You'll Need

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Box cutter
  • Markers or paint
  • Tape
  • Glue
  • Green paper
  • Miniature people and cars
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