How to Fill Out a Personal Check for Cash

Written by michelle varsallona | 13/05/2017
How to Fill Out a Personal Check for Cash
You can use checks to pay for items, as well as to take cash from your bank account. (check and pen in close up image by Alexey Klementiev from

An old tried and true way to get cash from your current account is to write a check to yourself to receive the cash. If you do not have an ATM card, you can use this method to take cash out of the bank. If you are paranoid about using ATMs, debit cards or any other form of electronic transaction, writing a check to yourself is a safe way to get your money.

Write "Cash" in the "Pay to the Order of" section of the check, and fill out the check as per normal with the date, the amount of cash, write out the amount of cash, and sign the bottom. You can make a memo for your own notes if you want.

Flip the check over and sign your name on the back line as well.

Make note in your transaction register, if you keep one, of the check number and amount you are withdrawing.

Visit your bank; use the drive through or walk in. You must go to the bank whose business name appears on the check. Because this money is coming directly out of your current account, you need to go to the bank where the account is held. Remember to give the teller your driver's license.

Receive the cash. The teller will process your transaction and give you the cash plus a receipt for the transaction.

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