How to Fix a White Screen During Action Replay DS

Updated April 17, 2017

Action Replay DS is a cheat cartridge that allows players to modify the content of their Nintendo DS games. The cartridge plugs into a Windows PC and interfaces via USB cable. However, sometimes when using Action Replay DS on your Nintendo DS, you may be stopped by a blank screen that doesn't allow you to input codes or move forward with the cartridge's operations. When that happens, it's time to reset your device's firmware.

Launch the "Action Replay Code Manager" software from your PC's desktop. Click the "Software Upgrade" button to download the latest codes for your device, then click again to download the latest firmware.

Connect your Action Replay DS to your PC via USB. Insert the cartridge into your Nintendo DS.

Turn on your Nintendo DS while holding "A," "B," Select" and "Start." Click the "Mouse" icon at the main screen.

Wait for your PC to recognise Action Replay DS, then click the "Software Upgrade" button to transfer the updated software to your cartridge.

Reload your cartridge with any codes that were lost by the reset operation. Eject and remove the cartridge and disconnect the USB cable. Reset your Nintendo DS to start using your cartridge.


To avoid blank-screen errors, avoid using the Action Replay DS "Manual Input" function. Incorrectly entered codes in this function can cause data corruption and device errors.


If these steps do not work, your cartridge may be faulty. Contact Codejunkies to arrange a repair or replacement.

Things You'll Need

  • PC running "Action Replay Code Manager" software
  • Action Replay DS
  • USB cable for Action Replay DS
  • Nintendo DS
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