Removing a Drill Bit From a Ryobi Cordless Drill

Updated February 21, 2017

The Ryobi cordless drill has many uses around the home. You can drill pilot holes in wood moulding or install a screwdriver tip and use it as an electric screwdriver. Ryobi uses a common keyless chuck for securing a drill bit or attachment to the drill. The process for removing a drill bit from a Cordless Ryobi drill is straightforward.

Locate the drill direction switch on the side of the drill. The button goes completely through the shell of the drill and has a directional arrow on each end of it. Move it to the reverse position by pushing in on the button on the right side of the drill. This reverses the gearing and makes the drill run counterclockwise.

Grip the chuck clamp tightly with one hand. The chuck clamp is the black piece of plastic that attaches to the front of the drill. The chuck consists of the three prongs that hold the drill bit. The chuck sticks out of the end of the chuck clamp.

Press the trigger as you hold the chuck clamp tightly. The drill will turn on in reverse and unlock the drill bit. Again, hold the chuck clamp tightly or you risk having the drill pulled out of your hand when you turn it on.

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