How to Clean Black Granite Floors

Updated February 21, 2017

Black granite floors are popular among homeowners who want a modern and contemporary decor. While granite is a relatively tough and stain-resistant substance, you will still have to clean it frequently to maintain its lustre and protect its colour and finish. Certain substances such as citrus juices, alcohol and vinegar can permanently damage your granite if left on it for too long. Black granite is cleaned much the same as other granite floors, but special measures should be taken to avoid streaking, soap residue and water marks which are more visible on the black surface.

Add several drops of liquid dish detergent to a bucket of warm water and mix it until suds form.

Dip the cloth into the water and wipe the surface of the black granite until the grime is loosened. Wring the cloth over a sink to dispose of the dirty water.

Repeat the process until all of the dirt is removed from the black granite floor.

Rinse the cloth in clear water and wipe the clean black granite surface to remove any soap residue. Soap residue shows up easily on black granite floors and can make the surface look dull or streaky.

Dry the surface with a clean cloth. This will prevent white water spots from forming on your black floor and will buff away any streaks.

If this process does not completely clean your black granite floor, purchase a granite cleaner from your local hardware store. Follow the manufacturer's instructions, which will generally require you to spray the cleaner on the surface of the floor and wipe it down with a clean cloth.


Reseal your granite floors every two years to help prevent the stone from absorbing spills and stains. However, some black granite floors will never need to be sealed. Clean up spills immediately. Granite is a porous material that can soak up certain spills if they are left to sit, including citrus or alcohol. Never place any hot items on your granite floors as they can damage its finish.


Avoid using harsh chemicals, which can eat away the polished surface and leave areas of your black floor rough to the touch.

Things You'll Need

  • Bucket
  • Liquid Dish Detergent
  • Water
  • 2 Cloths
  • Sink
  • Granite Cleaner
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