Chocolate fondue fountain instructions

Updated February 21, 2017

A centrepiece and dessert in one, chocolate fondue fountains create a sensation wherever they are used. Caterers occasionally offer these fountains as an option, but you can rent and set up your own for a lower price. The fountain circulates melted chocolate in the same way a garden fountain does, creating cascades of caloric cocoa. Diners hold bits of fruit or cake at the end of long forks in the flow of chocolate from the fountain to cover the piece with molten chocolate. Make a splash at your next gathering by putting a chocolate fondue fountain as a centrepiece.

Piece the fondue fountain by setting the centrepiece tier into the slot in the base.

Insert the spiral-shaped auger into the hole in the middle of the centrepiece tier.

Plug in the base and set it to 37.8 degrees Celsius to preheat for three to five minutes.

Place the chopped chocolate and vegetable oil into a zip top bag and seal.

Microwave the chocolate on high power for three to five minutes, or until the chocolate melts. Stop the microwave every minute to remove and knead the bag which distributes the heat, providing even melting.

Snip the corner off the bag of melted chocolate and squeeze the chocolate into the base of the preheated fountain.

Turn up the thermostat on the thermometer to 65.6 degrees Celsius and switch the auger on to circulate the chocolate through the fountain.


Increase the chocolate and vegetable oil for larger-capacity fountains, but maintain the ratio of 2 tbsp vegetable oil per pound of chocolate used.

Things You'll Need

  • Chocolate fondue fountain
  • 0.454kg. high quality chocolate, chopped
  • 2 tbsp vegetable oil
  • Heavy 1-gallon size zip top bag
  • Scissors
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