Why a Boat Macerator Won't Work

Written by nancy e. spraker | 13/05/2017
Why a Boat Macerator Won't Work
Pleasure boating is more pleasing with a working macerator. (boat image by choucashoot from Fotolia.com)

A macerator in a boat's holding tank grinds solid wastes from the toilet so that they are easier to flush. Although it usually functions well, at times problems can arise.

Gunk Behind Cutter Blades

The bronze cutter blades that grind up solids can be hampered by materials that have no business in the holding tank. Paper, hair and fibres can muck up the works.

A Broken or Weak Impeller

An impeller urges the slurry of liquefied waste toward the holding tank's exit. If it becomes sluggish or broken, a messy backup can develop in the toilet. If the macerator is dry for long periods, the impeller could seize.


Obstructions in the pipes create havoc. After the macerator is disassembled, cloth, glass, paper towels or kitchen sponges are often found to be the problem.

Electrical Malfunction

Why a Boat Macerator Won't Work
Blowing a fuse. (car fuses image by Witold Krasowski from Fotolia.com)

When the macerator is switched on and nothing happens, the problem could lie in an electrical short or corroded wiring. Many times a blown fuse needs replacement.

The Wrong Toilet Paper

Bacteria disintegrate solid waste in a holding tank. As the saying goes, "Don't put it in here if it ain't been et yet." If toilet paper is not biodegradable, it could clog pipes.

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