How to Sharpen Rotary Razor Blades

Updated March 23, 2017

Remington suggests that rotary razor blades be replaced at least once each year so that you can continue to get a close shave. This seems like a waste since sharpening could extend the life of a rotary razor blade without replacing it. Rather than paying for brand new blades once your rotary razor gets dull, you can save money by sharpening it yourself. You'll get a closer shave and you can sharpen your blades whenever they start to get dull.

Detach the head of your rotary shaver to release the individual razor blades. Clean out any old hair or debris from the rotary razor blades according to your manufacturer's standards.

Remove each of the three rotary razor blades from the head assembly. You may need to unscrew a plate in order to remove each blade. Take off the shaving screen of each blade and replace it with the sharpening heads provided in your rotary shaver sharpening kit.

Replace the blades into the rotary head assembly with the new sharpeners and screw them in place if necessary. Secure the rotary head assembly back in place so that the shaver is now a complete unit.

Turn on your rotary shaver and let it run for about five seconds. Turn off the unit.

Remove the head assembly again, unscrewing the retainer and removing the rotary blades. Replace the sharpening heads with the original shaving screens and put the rotary shaver back together as it was manufactured. Your blades are now sharpened and you will have a cleaner shave the next time you use your rotary shaver.


Rotary shaver sharpeners can be used multiple times in order to keep your shaver sharp for a long time.


To be safe, take out the batteries of your rotary shaver as you remove the assembly. Put them back when you turn on the unit for five seconds, then remove them again when you switch out the blade casings.

Things You'll Need

  • Rotary shaver sharpener
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