How to find printable easy stained glass patterns for kids

Written by amy lukavics | 13/05/2017
How to find printable easy stained glass patterns for kids
You can find printable stained glass patterns online for kids to colour. (Stained Glass Window image by Andrew Breeden from

A fun kids' craft idea is colouring in stained glass window patterns. Finding these printable patterns online is easy, if you know where to look. There are a variety of designs and themes available; the sites feature special stained glass patterns for every holiday, as well as randomly designed ones. Stained glass printouts that are coloured in with markers can be taped over a window to "light up" the design with the sunlight.

Open your Internet browser, and search for sites that include printable stained glass designs or online colouring books; such sites include,, and

Browse through the available designs. Most sites separate the designs by category, such as holidays, scenery or miscellaneous designs. Most online colouring books feature easy-to-colour symmetrical designs for kids.

Select the design you wish to print. This will bring up a separate screen with an enlarged version of the stained glass pattern.

Click the "Print" button on the screen.

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