Instructions for Putting Together a Bed Frame

Updated November 21, 2016

It is essential to put your bed frame together properly, or the bed could collapse and you could find yourself on the floor. Keep the instructions nearby to help you identify all the parts. In many cases, you might need a simple tool like an Allen wrench or screwdriver to assemble your bed. Put your bed together correctly, and you will have many nights of peaceful rest and enjoyment. Note that all beds are put together exactly like this; consult the directions that come with your specific bed.

Take all the pieces of the bed frame out, and organise them in separate piles. Keep any hardware provided by the manufacturer in one place.

Assemble the feet of the bed frame by bolting the feet to the bed support. Check that the supports are facing inside, so they can support the mattress.

Lay the sides of the bed on the floor upside down, so that it resembles the shape of the bed. Hammer in the wooden bolts provided in the assembly kit to attach the sides of the bed to each other. Attach the feet to the bed. Have someone help you lift the bed upright to turn it over to the correct side, so the feet are on the floor.

Attach the headboard to the bed frame using an Allen wrench and bolts. Screw in the support for the bed, which will help hold the bed slats. The support consists of the metal sides that attach on the bed frame.

Unroll the bed slats and lay them on the bed frame support. The slats look like train tracks that provide support for the mattress. Not all beds have these slats; however, many contemporary beds come with slats. Make sure the slates are laid straight and even. Lay the mattress on top of the bed frame.


If you lost the directions, you can check the manufacturer's website; many manufacturers post instructions on the site. You also can write or call the manufacturer to get replacement directions.


Periodically tighten all of the bolts, because they will loosen over time.

Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver
  • Screws
  • Allen wrench
  • Hammer
  • Wooden bolts
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