How to Disassemble an IBM ThinkPad 600 Type 2645

Updated February 21, 2017

The IBM ThinkPad 600 is considered to be one of the workhorses of the IBM series of laptops. Today, many used ThinkPad 600s are still on the market at auction websites and at other retailers, often priced at or near the cost of a new laptop offered by other manufacturers. Should you need to replace a part in your laptop or should you want to sell your old laptop for parts in this lucrative market, it would not be too difficult to disassemble your IBM ThinkPad 600 laptop.

Download the IBM Thinkpad 600 Type 2645 maintenance service manual and print it out for easy reference (see the Resource section for a link to the download page).

Determine how much disassembly is required to do the task you want to accomplish. For instance, if you only want to replace the internal modem, you only need to remove the keyboard. If you want to fully take the laptop apart to salvage the parts, you may need to remove all components from the case.

Remove the laptop from any power source and shut the machine down completely. Turn the machine upside down on a level surface, with the front of the machine facing you.

Remove the hard drive by unscrewing the single screw that holds the cover in place. This screw is located next to the battery, at the front-right side of the machine. Slide the cover away from the hard drive bay and pull gently on the exposed blue tab to remove the hard drive.

Remove the CD (or other media drive) from the swappable drive bay by sliding the lock bar to the left and gently pulling the CD drive from the bay.

Remove the memory cover by unscrewing the single screw over the compartment. Gently pry the battery assembly away from the connection, using a small flat head screwdriver. Remove the memory by using the screwdriver to pry the memory holders loose from the individual memory chips. Refer to the manual for exact instruction on how to do this, if needed.

Locate the arrows that point to screw covers on the machine. Loosen the screw covers with a flathead screwdriver. Remove the screws one at a time and place them in a safe place.

Open the laptop and remove the keyboard by sliding the keyboard slightly forward. It will remove easily if you have removed all the screws marked by the arrows. You now have access to the inside of your ThinkPad 600.

Refer to the maintenance manual for further removal of the parts located in the laptop base.

Remove the two screw covers located at the lower corners of the laptop screen holder. The screen cover assembly can now be removed, allowing you access to the laptop screen. Gently pry the connection from the screen to the video card in the base to remove the screen. Simply follow the narrow cable from the screen to the motherboard to locate the card.

Reassemble the laptop in the reverse order after you have repaired or replaced the faulty part, if desired.


Use a bright-coloured marker to number each hole as you remove the screws. Lay each screw in a line on your work surface. This will help you to put the correct screw in the correct hole when doing the reassembly.


Always touch something made of metal before attempting to work on a laptop, in order to discharge static electricity from your body.

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