How to Copy Paragraph Styles From One Document & Adobe Indesign

Updated March 23, 2017

InDesign is Adobe's powerful graphics publishing tool. It enables the user to integrate graphics, text and photos into professional graphic layouts which are then printed or published. InDesign is rich in features, with many controls to facilitate precision document production. Built-in tools can automate the process of creating styles for text--and paragraphs in particular--so that the look, design and style of a publication stays consistent, page to page, or even month to month.

Click on the InDesign program icon to launch the program.

Choose the new document's properties, a new document, using document presets or settings, such as page size or page set-up of your choice. For this demonstration, the default settings are fine. Click the"OK" button.

Select the text tool, place the cursor on the new document, drag to make a text box, and type in a several lines of text.

Locate "Type" menu in the InDesign menu bar; pull down to "Paragraph Styles" to open the paragraph palette.

Click on the small drill-down button on the left side of the paragraph palette. Locate "Load Paragraph Styles" from the sub-menu.

Locate the InDesign document from which you wish to copy the paragraph style in the "Open a File" window that opens, and double-click on the file name.

Locate the paragraph style from the list when the "Load Styles" window opens. Check off the box(es) to the left of the paragraph style you wish, and click "OK."

Highlight the text in the text box you created in Step 4 above, and double-click on the style in the "Paragraph Styles" menu to apply the style; then click "OK."

Locate the "File" menu, and pull down to "Save" to save your document.

Things You'll Need

  • PC or Mac computer
  • InDesign program
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