How Do I Take Out Front Headlights on a Ford Puma?

Written by alibaster smith | 13/05/2017

The headlights on your Ford Puma need to be replaced as soon as they burn out. You can purchase replacement headlights for your Puma from most auto parts stores, but you'll need to check with the store clerk as to what manufacturers the store carries. The Puma's headlights are secured to the chassis and it's not obvious as to how to remove them just by looking at the assembly. This is why you need to know the proper procedure for removing the headlights.

Open the hood and unscrew the screws holding the front grille in place using a screwdriver. These screws are just below the headlight assembly on the ends of the grille, near the fender.

Pull the grille up and away from the front of the Puma.

Unscrew the mounting screws that hold the headlight assembly in place. There is a screw on the top of the fender, and one below the headlight assembly, which is now visible with the grille removed.

Slide the headlight housing forward and unplug the electrical connector running to the back of the headlight.

Turn the headlight counterclockwise and remove it from the housing assembly.

Things you need

  • Screwdriver (Phillips head)

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