How to Use a Satellite Signal Level Strength Tuning Meter

Updated February 21, 2017

Satellite signal meters are used to align satellite dishes with the satellite transponder. They also measure the signal between the low noise block (LNB) and the satellite receiver. The LNB is on the armlike centre part of the dish. Many satellite signal level strength tuning meters use a rechargeable battery and come with a charger that you plug into any household outlet.

Select "Battery Off" and plug the satellite signal level strength tuning meter into a household outlet and charge it overnight.

Select "Battery On" and choose the 18V option to check the battery condition. The meter should be in the green area.

Set up the dish according to the manufacturer's instruction sheet.

Select "Battery On" to align the dish. Connect the meter to the LNB with cable. Use the jack marked "LNB" on the meter. Don't exceed 40 feet in length. Select the LNB voltage in volts depending on polarisation. Set the LNB voltage in kHz for dual satellite systems. See your dish instruction sheet. Adjust the dish for maximum reading on the meter or high-pitched tone. There may be a gain control, too. Adjust the gain to maintain 80 per cent meter indication.

Check the receiver's voltage and any 22KHz tone supplied to the LNB. Bypass the meter's battery and use the receiver's power. Connect the satellite receiver to the jack marked "Sat RX," satellite receive or similar jack. Switch the battery to "Battery Off." Never connect the satellite receiver to the LNB jack as it can cause a short-circuit.

Check the LNB voltage. Choose the "V" position on the switch or look for a label such as "LNB Voltage" and the meter will show the LNB voltage.

Measure the LNB current. Choose the "mA" switch position and the meter will show the LNB current in milliamps.

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