How to Configure Wireless PS2 Controllers

Updated March 23, 2017

Sony did not manufacturer a wireless controller for the PlayStation 2 (although it did include one with the PS3). However, Logitech designed wireless controllers, licensed by Sony for use with the PS2. These Logitech wireless controllers are fairly simple to configure and set up, and they are similar in design to the factory-designed PS2 controllers, which makes them easy to adjust to. The procedure is the same whether you have the Logitech Cordless Action or Logitech Cordless Precision PS2 controller.

Slide off the battery cover from the rear of the wireless controller. Insert the batteries and replace the plastic cover.

Connect the wireless receiver to the controller port on the front of the PlayStation 2. Turn the PS2 on and insert a game disc.

Wait until the light on the wireless receiver begins blinking. While it's blinking, press any action button (square, circle, triangle, x) on your wireless controller.

Watch the receiver light. It should stop blinking and become solid for two to three seconds; afterward, it will turn off. If this happens, your wireless controller is configured and ready to use. Continue to Step 5 if this does not happen.

Press the "Connect" button on the front of the receiver and then press any action button on the wireless controller. The light will turn on and then off. The controller is ready to use.


If your receiver light begins to flash every few seconds, your batteries are low. Replace them as soon as possible.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 AA batteries
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