How to Connect an XBox 1 to a PC Monitor

Updated February 21, 2017

Connecting a first-generation Xbox gaming console to a computer monitor that is equipped with RCA video/audio inputs allows a gamer to view an Xbox game on a computer monitor rather than a TV. The process is simple and requires almost no technical expertise; anyone who has plugged an Xbox console into a TV should have no problem connecting it to a computer monitor. If you run into any problems, Xbox and most major computer monitor manufacturers provide excellent phone technical support that should be able to resolve any technical issue you experience.

Inspect your computer monitor to make sure it is equipped with RCA video/audio inputs, which are required to connect your Xbox to the monitor. RCA inputs are recognisable by their colours (yellow, red, and white) and the inputs will look exactly the same as RCA inputs that are used to connect a DVD player to a TV.

Plug the grey end of the Xbox's video output cable into the port on the back of the unit. This is the only port on the Xbox in which this plug will fit.

Inspect the other end of the cable, which has three grouped plugs that are black but with coloured stripes of yellow, red, and white. Plug these into the RCA video/audio inputs on the computer monitor, taking care to make sure that the colours match (yellow plug into yellow port, red plug into red port, white plug into white port). Also, make sure the RCA ports you are using are labelled "input"' or "in" and not "output" or "out."

Note where the Xbox's video output cable is plugged in. Typically this will be called "video 1," "A/V 2" or something similar. Set the computer monitor to that video input. Press the button labelled "input," "source," "A/V," "video source," or something similar until your computer monitor reads the same.

Plug in the Xbox's power cord to an electrical socket and insert an Xbox game into the Xbox's disc drive. The Xbox should turn on automatically when you close the disc drive and you should see the Xbox's splash screen on the computer monitor. You are now ready to start gaming.


If you are not receiving a signal from the Xbox to the computer monitor, make sure that the monitor is powered on and set to the correct input. If you are still not receiving a signal, the Xbox's video output cord or the computer monitor itself may need repair or replacement.


Take care when handling the electrical cords for the Xbox and computer monitor. When the cords are plugged in, never touch the metal ends of the plug as this can lead to electric shock. Never plug a power cord into an outlet that may be damaged. Never overload an electrical socket or a surge protector as this can create a fire hazard. For any questions, it is always best to consult the owner's manuals for the Xbox console and for the computer monitor. You can also contact Xbox technical support at 1-800-469-9269 or the technical support line for your computer monitor's manufacturer.

Things You'll Need

  • Xbox gaming console
  • Computer monitor equipped with RCA video/audio inputs
  • Xbox video output cable
  • Xbox power cable
  • Xbox game
  • Xbox controller
  • Monitor power cable


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