How to Tell a Fake Gucci

Updated March 23, 2017

High-end, luxury fashion items by companies such as Gucci usually come with a hefty price, so sellers make a good profit. But resellers would have to spend a substantial amount of money to acquire authentic items, making breaking even or achieving minimum profits difficult. Some resellers resort to deceiving consumers by selling Gucci "knock-offs," or cheap copies, for relatively low prices. However, you can avoid being swindled by learning about the significant variations in Gucci knock-offs. With this knowledge, you'll be able to tell fake Gucci items from real ones with a single glance.

Learn what a Gucci item you want to buy usually costs. The average cost of a Gucci hangbag is approximately £390 (as of 2010), while fragrances and sunglasses are never under £97. Gucci items will not be sold for less than £65, unless they are stolen or fake. If a reseller claims its Gucci item is wholesale, it is a definite fake. Gucci does not offer wholesale to individual resellers.

Check the tag. The tag can be one of the most obvious visual signs of fakery. If it says "Made in Korea" or "Made in China," the item is a fake. Authentic Gucci items are not made in these countries.

Look for the authentic Gucci verification. Gucci handbags always have authentic emblems that are gold-plated and embossed with a Gucci signature, along with a serial number.

Check for the fake stitching on handbags. The notable Gucci logo is a design of two interlocking Gs. Knock-off stitching will have a variation in the letter size and outer curve of the Gs. The Gs may have rather wide curves. Authentic Gs are curved at approximately 25 degrees.

Check the overall physical quality of the bag. Authentic Gucci bags are heavier and the leather should be rather thick, with a distinctive deep colour. Fake bags may have a lighter weight, pink blemishes in the leather and a distinctive unpleasant odour.

Read the labels carefully on Gucci fragrance bottles. Authentic Gucci fragrances are usually eau de parfums and toilettes, as these liquids are potent fragrance forms. Any other type of liquid bearing a Gucci emblem may be fake.


You should only purchase items from the official Gucci website, an authorised Gucci outlet store or a high-end department store such as Bloomingdale's, Saks Fifth Avenue, or Lord and Taylor. These are all authorised vendors, so you can't go wrong.


Make sure you inspect a Gucci item before you purchase it. In most cases, if a reseller is selling fake items, you will not get a refund. Knock-off items usually do not come with valid receipt. Avoid online auctions and reseller sites. There is no way to see the actual item; the picture representing the item may be authentic, but what is shipped to you may not be.

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