How to Spot a Fake Breitling Bentley

One of the most luxurious watches available, there are many replicas of Breitling Bentley watches on the market. Breitling watches have very precise time-telling capabilities and share their name with the automobiles that connoisseurs appreciate. The reliable watches are sought after, but they are expensive. People often look for deals when purchasing these watches, but they often run into fake Breitling watches that do not have the same craftsmanship and intricate design. Protect yourself from buying a fake by knowing what to look for when you purchase a Breitling.

Examine the weight of the Breitling watch. The head will feel heavy and so will the stainless steel bands. A fake Breitling watch will have bands that feel light and the steel will appear cheaper.

Look at the logo on the watch. Real Breitling watches have logos embossed into the dial of the watch. A fake Breitling watch will have the logo printed on the watch face. The logo will look thin and smeared on the replica watches. Use a magnifying glass to inspect the logo carefully.

Inspect the back of the watch for misspellings. Although you may not be able to read the foreign writing, you can compare the back engravings with pictures of the authentic watches. Look at each letter at a time to verify that no misspellings exist.

Check for markings on the watch. A manufacturer's marking will be located on the back of the links and a model number will appear on the strap.

Examine the subdial on the watch. Look at the nine o'clock position of the subdial. Fake Breitling watches will show the days of the week, whereas authentic Breitling watches will show the date. The subdials also will appear raised or domed in shape instead of flat and flush.


Always buy a Breitling Bentley from a reputable dealer to ensure you are getting an authentic watch.

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