How to Restore a .PQI File

Written by ts jordan | 13/05/2017
How to Restore a .PQI File
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A .PQI file is a file containing an image of a hard drive's structure, useful for repairing the drive in the event of system failure or other hardware issues. Where your .PQI file is detected as corrupt or non-functional by your restoration program, you will have to repair the structure of the drive using the included disk repair features in the Windows operating system. This will restore all of the .PQI files on the drive.

Open "Start" and select "Run."

Type in "cmd" and press "Enter."

Type "chkdsk x: /f" and press "Enter," substituting "x" for the drive letter of the drive containing the .PQI files.

Press "Y" if asked whether you wish to check the drive at system start-up.

Reboot your PC. The repair utility will restore the files.


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