How to Transfer Video From a Sharp MiniDV Camcorder to a PC

Updated February 21, 2017

Sharp MiniDV camcorders connect to a PC with a FireWire (also known as IEEE 1394) cable for high-speed transfer of digital video files. Sharp refers to the connection as "iLink," although the camcorders use a standard FireWire cable. Once connected, transferring video is simply a matter of dragging and dropping digital files into the computer. Videos can be played back with a variety of media software such as iMovie, QuickTime, RealPlayer and Media Player for Windows.

Insert the plug on the end of the FireWire cable into the port on the back edge of the Sharp MiniDV camcorder. The plug inserts in one direction only; don't try to force it into the port.

Connect the plug on the other end to a FireWire port on the PC.

Turn on the camcorder and the computer, then wait for the "New Hardware Detected" message to display. The Sharp camcorder software should launch automatically. If not, double-click the name of the program.

Browse the video files on the camera, which will appear as numbered files on a window in the Sharp camcorder software.

Click and hold the left mouse button on a video file, then drag it to the computer desktop and release the mouse button to drop the file on the desktop. Repeat to transfer as many files as desired to the computer.

Use the Sharp video editing software or another video program to edit and play back the digital videos.


Transfer multiple files at once by pressing and holding the "Control" and "Shift" buttons on the keyboard while clicking on video files with the mouse, then drag all of them to the desktop.


Turn off the camcorder and shuit down the computer while connecting the FireWire cable.

Things You'll Need

  • FireWire cable
  • Computer wire FireWire port and Sharp camcorder software installed.
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