How to Make Hair Clips for Kids

Updated February 21, 2017

Hair clips for kids are simple to create with a few supplies from the local craft store. Make beaded ribbon hair clips to add just the right touch to a little girl's ensemble. Teach your kids to make their own hair accessories from colourful glass cabochons and other small trinkets that they can attach to any size or type of hair clip. Shoestrings, plain ribbons and vintage jewellery are other types of embellishments you can use to make hair clips for kids.

Cut 10 8-inch strips of ribbon. Make a knot at the end of each ribbon strip.

Thread a beading needle with 20 inches of thread. Double the thread and knot it at the end.

Insert the needle through the centre of the straight end of one strip of ribbon. Pull the needle through the ribbon to the knot.

Insert four 4mm beads over the end of the needle and thread and onto the ribbon strip. Slide the beads to the knot. Thread four more beads over the needle and thread and onto the ribbon. Leave these beads close to the end of the ribbon strip. Cut the thread just above the knot so you can remove the needle and thread from the ribbon strip. After removing the needle and thread, tie a knot in the straight end of the ribbon.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 to add beads to either end of each ribbon strip.

Tie the centre of the beaded ribbon strips around the top section of a plain barrette form with an overhand knot. The beaded ends of the ribbons should dangle below the hair clip.

Run a bead of viscous craft glue across the top of the barrette form, over the ribbons.

Press flat-backed cabochons into the glue. The colourful glass will add sparkle to the hair clip design and the glue will help the ribbons stay in place. Allow the glue to dry before letting the kids wear the hair clips.


Decorate a plain barrette form with a row of vintage earrings. Remove the backs from the earrings before gluing them to the hair clip. Kids will enjoy arranging the earrings to make distinctive hair clips for any occasion.

Things You'll Need

  • Wide ribbon, 1/4 inch
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Beading needle
  • Crystal beads, 4mm
  • Barrette form
  • Viscous jeweller's glue
  • Cabochons, flat backed
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