How to Charge a Home Pride Go Go Elite Scooter With Instructions

Written by william pullman | 13/05/2017

The Pride Go Go Elite Scooter gives users who have trouble walking increased mobility. A battery pack inserted under the seat of the machine powers the scooter. The battery will drain with repeated use, limiting the use of the Pride Go Go Elite. You can recharge the battery pack when it is drained in order to continue using the scooter.

Park the Go Go Elite scooter next to an electrical socket and remove the key from the machine.

Push the "Manual Freewheel" lever to the "Drive" position. The "Manual Freewheel" lever is located on the back, right section of the scooter and is used to disengage the motor unit so you can easily push the scooter, if needed. By placing the scooter in "Drive," you ensure that it won't roll and disengage the battery charger.

Insert the end of the battery charger into the power cord jack on the front of the battery pack and plug the opposite end into the electrical socket.

Charge the battery pack for 8 to 12 hours to fully charge the batteries. After this time period, unplug the battery charger cord from the battery pack.

Things you need

  • Supplied battery charger

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