How to Display Fabric Samples

Updated February 21, 2017

Fabric samples are used by interior decorators, wedding coordinators and seamstresses to demonstrate to potential clients the fabrics offered. Fabric samples need to be displayed simply so they are easily accessed by the client who is choosing from the fabrics. Purchase supplies necessary for a fabric sample display ring at craft and discount stores. Jump rings or split rings will both work well for this portable, simple fabric sample display.

Cut all fabric samples into the same size. Fabric samples cut into 10-inch squares offer a good opportunity to view the fabric selection.

Measure and cut two squares of clear packing tape for each fabric sample. Clear packing tape squares should measure 1-inch wide by 1-inch long.

Align one square of clear tape with one corner of a fabric sample. Press the tape square onto the fabric, rubbing the tape to create a good bond between the adhesive and the fabric surface.

Turn the fabric sample over and apply a 1-inch square of clear tape to the corner beneath the previous affixed tape. Press the tape firmly to ensure it adheres well.

Center a hole punch over the square of tape and punch a hole through the two layers of tape and fabric.

Slide a 1-inch metal jump or split ring through the hole on the fabric sample corner. According to eBay Reviews, in the article, "Jump Rings versus Split Rings for Charms and Other Jewelry", a jump ring is a ring with a cut on one side, whereas a split ring must be lifted apart for a more secure enclosure." To close a jump ring, squeeze the cut in the metal with your fingers or with pliers. To ease a split ring through the hole in the tape, insert a tong of a pair of tweezers into the split, prying it up, and slide the fabric through the two rings of metal.

Slide the metal ring connected to the fabric sample over or onto a 2-inch diameter metal jump or split ring.

Repeat for all fabric samples. Make sure the fabric samples are attached to the metal rings so the front of all fabric samples are facing the same direction. This way the client can lift the fabric samples on the ring like the pages of a book, and easily view the next sample on the ring.


Tie multiple rings containing multiple fabric samples together with a length of satin ribbon.

Things You'll Need

  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Clear packing tape
  • Hole punch
  • Metal jump or split ring (1-inch diameter)
  • Metal jump or split ring (2-inches diameter)
  • Tweezers
  • Pliers
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