How to Check T-Mobile Voicemail From Another Phone

Updated April 17, 2017

T-mobile is one of the popular telephone providers in the world. They offer a range of services such as a mobile broadband, text messaging, and air time voice plans. They also offer a wide range of phones, one of their more notable brand is the T-mobile Sidekick. Like all telephone providers, T-mobile gives its customers their own voicemail attached to each phone number. Normally you can access your personal voicemail via your own T-mobile phone. However, if you happen to be away from our phone, or do not wish to incur airtime minutes, then you can access your voicemail through another telephone.

Dial the number of your mobile phone starting with the area code, then the seven-digit phone number. If you are dialling from an international telephone, check your local phone book or directory for the international code. Then dial the international code, area code and the telephone number.

Press the "Star" key on your telephone's keypad to interrupt your voicemail's greeting. It will be designated as the asterisk (or the * symbol) on your phone.

Dial the voicemail password when prompted. If you do not have a password installed, you will go directly into your voicemail.


You will not be charged for accessing your T-Mobile voicemail from a landline number.

Things You'll Need

  • Telephone (landline or another cellphone)
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