How to Convert Handwriting Into a Word Document

Updated July 19, 2017

Digital pens allow you to transfer your natural handwriting to the digital realm. They record your movements as you write and include character recognition software that converts your writing into text. At times when your computer is unavailable or inconvenient, they make it possible to take notes for later use in any word processing program. Before purchasing a digital pen, be sure it can transcribe notes into text, as opposed to simply displaying your writing on screen.

Install software. Insert the disk that comes with the product. Different pens will have different installation prompts. Read the instructions carefully and provide the necessary input to load the software.

Take notes. Use the special paper designed for your pen, if it's required. Some pens store the notes on a receiver that you clip to any writing surface. Your pen may also require you to press a button when you start a new page. If you forget to do this, your pen may write one set of notes over another, making it difficult or impossible to do the text coversion. No matter what your style of pen, write more clearly and uniformly than you usually would.

Connect the pen to your computer. If your pen doesn't use a receiver to record the notes, it will come with a cradle. Connect the USB end of the cradle to your computer's USB port and place the pen in the cradle. If your product uses a receiver to capture pen movement, attach the receiver's USB connector to your computer.

Open the pen's software. Many products run their software as soon as you connect them to the computer. Others require you to open the software. If the pen's software does not open automatically, locate it in your programs and double-click it.

Transcribe your notes into text. Digital pen programs typically organise notes by date and time. Locate and open the note you want to transcribe. Most programs have a button on the main tool bar that converts writing to text with one click. Otherwise, consult the product instructions.

Edit text. Review the text carefully, as the software makes mistakes. To correct an error, edit the text as you would in any other word processing program: select the text, delete characters, and use the keyboard to add characters.

Click and drag the cursor over the text you want to add to your Word file. Hold down "Ctrl" and "C" to copy the text.

Open your Word file and hold down "Ctrl" and "V" to paste the text.


Keep your writing on the lines of the page. This can help improve penmanship automatically and cut down on transcription errors.

Things You'll Need

  • Digital pen
  • PC with word processing software installed
  • Digital pen software (included with pen)
  • Receiver (if required)
  • Paper designed for your pen (if required)
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