How to Create a Garden Seating Space

Updated April 17, 2017

A garden is often viewed as a sanctuary. An ideal way to enjoy that special place is by creating a seating area. When designing a seating area, consider its purpose. Some people want seating areas to sit and take in the view, while others desire to entertain in the area---your motive will affect your design. Planning ahead and thinking about your preferences will help you to create your ultimate garden seating space.

Look at the garden and decide where you would like to create your space. You may prefer to be right in the centre of the garden, so that you can be surrounded by foliage, or in an area where you can see the garden as a whole. Choose your ideal location based on the layout of your garden and the views you want to see.

Create a flooring area for your space. The flooring you choose will depend on the type of design element you are going for and your budget. For instance, lay down weatherproof wood or laminate flooring if you want a modern,yet natural theme and can afford it. Bricks, paving and stones also make for cost-effective and stylish flooring options.

Note what type of furniture you want to include. You could opt for a bench, chair or even a glider to enjoy your private garden seating space. Go for a small bistro set or a few chairs and benches if you plan on entertaining in the garden space. Consider the colour and style of the furniture and its fabric when choosing and make sure that everything is weatherproof.

Add potted plants or small trees, lighting elements or statuary to the space if desired. Choose decorations that can withstand the outdoor elements and that go along with the theme of your space.

Things You'll Need

  • Flooring
  • Furniture
  • Decorative accents
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