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Updated March 24, 2017

Hay House specialises in self-help and inspirational books. If you're looking for a publisher that works with these sorts of genres, you'll need to catch their attention. Being a self-help author is a rewarding job, as it affords you the opportunity to write about things that mean something to you while helping others. Besides having a stellar manuscript and a definitive book niche, there are a few things you can do to improve your chances of having your book published with Hay House.

Finish your manuscript. According to the Agent Query web site, it is best to have a finished product before submitting to a publisher or editor. Make sure your book is error-free and reads smoothly and clearly. Errors are the mark of an unprofessional writer, which can work against you when you're having an editor read your product. Just as you wouldn't try to sell a poorly made clothing line, you must make sure your book has no grammatical errors, spelling problems or structural issues. Format the book with proper chapter titles and informative sections.

Find a literary agent. Hay House, according to their submission guidelines, prefers to work with agents rather than working directly with authors. Editors and agents have trusted relationships with one another, thereby helping the author's manuscript gain access to the top of the editor's reading pile. Visit the Agent Query web site and search for agents who work with authors who write inspirational and self-help books. Purchase a writer's market guide and look for agents who work with the same material. Query the agent according to their guidelines. Know that finding an agent can be a lengthy process.

Submit a clear query letter to the agent you want to have represent you. According to Agent Query, a query letter should contain everything the specific editor has requested. The main outline contains three parts: a hook, a mini-synopsis and your short author bio. The hook is one or two sentences that sum up your book, its niche and why the agent should read it. The mini-synopsis sums up your book quickly and succinctly, and the bio should reflect your author experience.

Tell your agent you want them to submit your book to Hay House at:

Editorial Department Submissions Hay House, Inc. P.O. Box 5100 Carlsbad, CA 92018-5100

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