How Do I Add a TV Schedule to My Google Calendar?

Updated February 21, 2017

If you've got a favourite TV show that you can't miss but aren't exactly sure of the airdates, adding the schedule to your online calendar will ensure you see those episodes. TV shows often take breaks in new programming throughout the season to account for live sports games or holidays. If you use a calendar, you may know when the new episodes will air. Adding the schedule to your Google calendar is just a matter of finding the correct feed.

Locate the TV show calendar online. There are numerous sites that offer TV show schedules in the iCal calendar (.ics) format. One extremely robust site is "Calendar for TV," (see Resources). You may have to create an account depending on the source of the .ics file.

Select your desired shows to monitor and copy the location of the resulting iCal file by right-clicking on "Copy Link Location."

Open Google Calendar in your web browser and log into Google.

Select "Add by URL" on the left-hand side from the "Add" drop-down menu above "My Calendars."

Paste the copied link into the "Add Calendar" pop-up dialogue by right-clicking and then selecting "Paste". Select "OK/Add." Google Calendar will import the calendar feed and the TV shows.

Things You'll Need

  • TV Show schedule
  • .ics calendar file
  • Google account
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